Our claims management approach focuses on the aggressive management of all claims. We understand the critical importance of initiating prompt, thorough claims investigations and developing strategies to manage those claims until finalized. We strive to reduce losses and decrease overall costs whether it be a workers’ compensation or a professional medical malpractice claim.

Inservco offers comprehensive claims management that includes investigations, reserve setting, litigation management, reporting, payments, liability apportionment, trend analysis, etc. We administer your entire program based upon the client’s specific needs, goals, and philosophies. We understand the importance of creating and maintaining a successful program. We strive to be a trusted partner with our clients.

Claims Management Services

Inservco understands that businesses are seeking real solutions to their challenges and finding those organizations that can provide the expertise, analytical skills, technologies, and commitment to obtain optimal results. Our breadth of knowledge and resources allows us to offer a broad range of claim management service solutions including:



  Claims management

  Litigation management

  Managed care

  Special investigations unit


  Medicare set-asides

  Structured settlements

  Reserve analysis

  Claim review meetings

  Loss prevention

  Tracking and trending

  Excess and reinsurance reporting

  Loss analysis and customized reporting

  Stewardship reports


Staff Experience and Retention

Inservco strives to hire and retain the best professionals within the industry. It is important that each member maintain an impeccable reputation as being highly knowledgeable within their respective field. We enjoy a very high rate of employee retention by providing them with the latest technologies, training, education, and employee satisfaction. Employees enjoy the relationship and sense of team spirit that is allowed to develop with each customer and are eager to assist customers with important matters.

Strong Commitment to Communication

Inservco’s culture is driven by client satisfaction and we strongly believe it is critical to effectively communicate with all involved parties. We take pride in our ability to integrate and communicate claim issues to ensure the desired outcome.

Flexible Approach

Our customer-driven approach requires that Inservco understand and comply with each client’s specific needs. We tailor our services to make sure our delivery system is flexible, efficient, and user-friendly. Inservco is aware that we operate in a dynamic marketplace and we are not able to become static. We are continually developing innovative approaches to address your ever-changing needs


Inservco’s web-based technology provides our clients with time and cost saving resources. All claims activity and communication is centrally located and readily accessible 24/7 through our web portal by using your computer, smart phone, or tablet computer.

We Can Help You Succeed!

Our reputation as an aggressive claims management third-party administrator that can make a difference has stood for more than four decades. We strongly believe that our past performance is the best predictor of our future successes.

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