We can help you manage safety program activity, control claim costs and reduce property-casualty risk exposures in order to save money for your organization. It is important that we know the client’s business and understanding their risk before we attempt to formulate a strategy.

Our qualified staff is prepared to assist in accident and illness prevention programs. They work with a variety of businesses ranging from large self-insured pools, individual self-insured companies, and carrier-based programs for public or private sector activities. We provide a wide range of services, including consultations, on-site surveys and audits, claims analysis and evaluation, safety program materials, state/federal compliance matters with OSHA/Department of Labor, and staff training programs on a myriad of topics. In fact, Inservco’s Director of Safety Management, is a contributing author for the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry’s 2011-2012 OSHA handbook.

Services We Offer

  Assistance in establishing appropriate loss control service benchmarks, goals, objectives and program priorities.

  Assisting our customers in establishing a service plan that is consistent with the organization’s overall business plan goals.

  Review and analysis of loss data to provide statistical profiles on accident frequency, severity, and overall evaluation.

  Accident prevention surveys of workplaces and developing loss control recommendations.

  Experience and knowledge in business operations, maintenance and physical plant, custodial, manufacturing, construction, food processing, warehousing/stores and material handling, and fleet/transportation.

 Recommendations for practical alternatives to improve workplace conditions.

  Ergonomic assessments for clerical/administrative work positions.

  Evaluate potential workplace violence situations relative to building and personnel security.

  Participate in, and conduct, safety and accident review meetings.

  Facilitate loss control training for management, front-line personnel and safety committee members.

  Create and provide loss control/safety resource materials in conjunction with our safety management services.

  On-site consultations for safety problem issues (e.g., general review of air quality, repetitive motion study, machine guarding for technical training area, state code compliance).

 Conduct audits for accident and illness prevention program compliance.

  Review and assistance in collective bargaining issues related to safety and health.

  Educational forums before professional and trade associations regarding safety and health topics.

We Can Help You Succeed!

Our reputation as an aggressive claims management third-party administrator that can make a difference has stood for more than four decades. We strongly believe that our past performance is the best predictor of our future successes.

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