Inservco’s history of managed care and cost containment services includes large and diverse Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks, and strong partnerships with Managed Care Organizations. The PPO networks that we use rank in the top echelon of provider discounts offered to our customers. We ensure that the injured worker receives prompt, economical, goal-oriented medical treatment and full access to services that facilitate prompt recovery and a successful return to work.


Among our many core services are:


  Medical cost containment/bill re-pricing to include bill review and audit, and on-site/off-site pre-screening.

  Affiliation with the appropriate PPO networks.

  Field case management and activities for case resolution from the initial physician visit and subsequent visits to medical care monitoring and return-to-work coordination.

  In-depth claims monitoring beginning with early intervention with the claimant, employer and medical providers through disability diagnosis and treatment modalities and timeframes to achieve a successful resolution.

  Disability management service by our professional rehabilitation staff and partner organizations that includes registered nurses and counselors.Services range from transferability of skills assessment; community work transition program; light-duty programs; skill, interest, I.Q. and personality inventory testing and assessment; employability and wage earning capacity.

  KeyScripts offers complete pharmacy management solutions for workers’ compensation, with superior savings on prescription drugs through its national network of more than 68,000 pharmacies.Inservco has a financial ownership in Keyscripts.

  KeyScripts also offers complete ancillary services through its national networks for physical medicine, diagnostic testing, durable medical equipment, home health, translation, and transportation services.  


We Can Help You Succeed!

Our reputation as an aggressive claims management third-party administrator that can make a difference has stood for more than four decades. We strongly believe that our past performance is the best predictor of our future successes.

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