Easy to use and navigate, Inservco’s system provides clients all the information needed to manage and control the cost of the claim right on their desktop with the peace of mind data is protected and stored securely. It starts with Inservco’s first report of injury which is a web-based system clients can submit claims directly which is secure and easy to use.  Reports are generated in a manner that you will like, and include the type of trending information you can share with your management team.

Claim and Document Management Systems

Our core claims system is flexible and the system is able to store all required claim information including any location-specific information. A comprehensive rules engine that validates data entered into the claims system is in place to ensure accurate data.  This includes checks for duplicate payments, correct coding, and accurate payee information. Additional data quality checks are run daily to verify the accuracy of your information.  All of these quality checks are in place to guarantee claim data is accurate and to minimize the possibility of overpayment on behalf of the customer.

Legal documents, correspondence, medical bills and associated explanation of repricing documents are easily managed by our experienced staff. We electronically capture all incoming claim documents through our imaging system, which are then available for immediate viewing by our customers. Online access to all documents, claims information including payments, adjuster notes, diary entries, reserves and reporting, are provided in a secure, user-friendly system that is available to our clients 24/7.


Our no-cost standard reporting provides clients the metrics and trends needed for insight into their program and includes: loss experience reports, aggregate reports, loss cause analysis reports, check registers, as well as client-defined reports.  Ad hoc reporting allows clients the ability to create their own reports based on parameters they choose.

Our systems include interfaces for mandatory state workers compensation reporting, Section 111 reporting, OSHA reporting, electronic medical billing, and automated medical bill repricing.  These interfaces are provided to our clients at no additional cost and provides clients the assurance that their claims are in compliance with all federal and state requirements.

Data Security

Protecting our clients' and injured workers' information is the highest priority for Inservco.  Our Information Security team is diligent in monitoring daily activity on our systems and researching developing trends nationally and worldwide.  Data is stored in a secure data center that is audited annually and SOC2 Type 2 compliant.  Our systems are protected by a comprehensive disaster and business recovery plan using an off-site back-up source.  Within 24 hours of a system outage, all core systems will be operational from that location, and can continue to process data until a full system recovery.

We Can Help You Succeed!

Our reputation as an aggressive claims management third-party administrator that can make a difference has stood for more than four decades. We strongly believe that our past performance is the best predictor of our future successes.

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